Innovation in Thermal Imaging Technology +

Infrared thermal technology is the core To benefit the economic and social development To seek perfection and continuous innovation

“IR+ AI” Innovation

Open a new Era of Fotric thermal image AI

FOTRIC 226B, Group Temperature Screening

Group Temperature,Agile|Accurate|Reliable

FOTRIC 340, for Industrial Applications

Advanced handheld thermal imager

User Case at Hospital

Efficient, accurate and safe.

User Case at Railway Stations

Does not affect the passage, high efficiency, accuracy, no contact.

Thermal Imager for R&D

3 in 1, More Convenient,More Professional.



Success Sales Stories

Peking University Health Science Center , medical school innovativeintroduction of thermal imaging cameras to solve the existing scientific research experiments encountered difficulties, FOTRIC in the large number of suppliers stand out, for Peking University equipped with professional-grade scientific research dedicated thermal imaging camera, to provide detailed temperature distribution data and powerful analysis functions, to help tumor target treatment and material research efficient, SCI, NATURE and other academic reports more beautiful.