Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

Photoelectric technology enables us to detect infrared signals in specific wavelengths as thermal radiation from an object. This signals are converted into an image that can be distinguished by the human eye, and can be used to calculate temperature values. Infrared thermal imaging allows us to see beyond the barrier of visual light and to see the temperature distribution on the surface of an object.

Thermal imaging is a visually enhanced sensor

  • Night Vision
  • Smoke/Haze

A thermal imaging camera will receive infrared light from any object without actively emitting it, even in complete darkness.

Under conditions of smoke or haze, the infrared thermal imaging camera can also receive the infrared light of the object to image.

Thermal Imaging is how we can visually see temperature

Thermal identification of Tumors

Electrical fault detection

Mechanical fault detection

Professional Thermal Imager
Visual Imaging + Accurate Temperature Measurement

FOTRIC guarantees image clarity and temperature accuracy with every camera.