Fotric616/626 is online temperature measurement thermal camera that supportfully-radiometric thermal video

stream for real time, long-distance, and contactless temperature data mining requirement in industry. Various of

industry accessories combines powerful Fotric AnalyzIR software, provides integrators and consumers the best

temperature monitor system solution!

Product Characteristic

Make thermal monitor system smarter

Fully-Radiometric Thermal Video Stream

This is not just a picture, but 110592 pixels for temperature value in each snapshot, to provide basic data for status inspection and analysis.

Designed based on unreliable network

The biggest threat for system stable operation is unreliable network connection, however, Fotric improve both hardware and software to optimize recovery and reconnection from broken network and reset power-off equipment, that enable to largely reduce costs from integrator and consumers after-sale maintains.

PELCO-D Agreement

Support PELCO-D agreement, direct control of PAN/TILT applicable with just one single Ethernet cable, reduce technical difficulty and lower cost for cabling system.

Fotric AnalyzIR Software

Fotric AnalyzIRis a powerful software that integrated all functions such as management, configuration, control, alert, data mining, analysis, ect, provide users and integrators more convenience for a complete monitoring system.


IR Resolution 384 × 288 pixels
Field of View (FOV) 28° × 21° (L28-616 Lens)
Temperature Range -20℃~350℃ (expand up to 650℃)
Minimum Focus Length 0.15m (Standard Lens)
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 1.27mRad (Standard Lens)
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <0.05℃@30℃
Measurement Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater (environment temperature10℃~35℃)
Focus Manual
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Detector Type Focal Plane Array (FPA),uncooled microbolometer
Frame Frequency PAL: 50Hz / NTSC: 60Hz
Image Processing
Palettes 5 palette options (iron, glowbow, red-hot, white-hot, yellow)
Noise Calibration Automatic noise calibration FFC / manual noise calibration FFC
Measurement and Analysis
Correction Settings Emissivity, reflected background temperature, relative humidity, ambient temperature,measuring distance,transmission
Emissivity Adjustment 0.01 ~ 1.0
Measurement Spots 110592 Spots
Measurement Area Free to add any area
Image Format Standard JPEG, including raw temperature data
Network Interface RJ45
Analog Interface BNC
RS-485 COM Pelco-D
Transmission Content 100MB Internet
Transmission Content Control command, image and data transmission
Full Stream Infrared Image Real-time full stream transmission includes 110592 hot spots
Protocole TCP, UDP, HTTP
Data Storage
Storage Type Full stream thermal image, full stream thermal video, non-radiative AVI thermal video
File Format Standard JPEG, includes original hot spots data
Power Supply
Power Supply 12/24VDC
Power Power rating 6w, peak power 10w
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃ (-4F to 122F)
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity <90%RH
Physical Parameters
Enclosure Rating IP40
Shock 25g,IEC 60068-2-29
Vibration 2G,IEC 60068-2-6
Material Aluminum
Weight 690g
Dimensions (L × H × W) 118 × 68 × 71mm
Warranty 1 year
Standard Configuration
Thermal Camera (without Lens)
Infrared Lens
Power Adapter
internet cable
Getting Started Guide
Calibration Certificate
Certificate of Inspection
Warranty Registration Card
Quality Control Report
Rugged, hard carrying cases