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FOTRIC Thermal Imaging Technology Company Introduction

Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology is the conversion of invisible infrared energy emitted from objects to visible thermal images through infrared detectors and optical imaging lenses. The different colors on the thermograph represent the different temperatures of the measured objects, so that the high/low temperature points and the temperature distribution can be judged intuitively and quickly. And FOTRIC, as a brand that focuses on Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology, comes from the following: FO is the abbreviation of the English word PHOTON that represents light, and TRIC is the abbreviation of the English word ELECTRIC.


FOTRIC is dedicated to the research and innovation of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology. It integrates Internet-based thermal big data platform to optimize the user experience and improve the work efficiency. FOTRIC established the “Infrared Photoelectric Technology Application Laboratory”in cooperation with the Wuxi Research Center of Shanghai Technical Physics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as launched the “Academician's Expert Workstation”by the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology in the field of infrared and remote sensing. It has dozens of core invention patents and software copyrights in the mobile Internet and intellectualization of infrared thermal imaging system, along with the global ISO:9001 quality system certification, the US FCC Test, and the CE Test, it is a High-Tech Enterprise. 

  • Laboratory

    US ZXF Laboratory

  • Workstation

    Academician's Expert Workstation

  • Laboratory

    Infrared Photoelectric Technology Application Laboratory

Corporate History


FOTRIC launched a large-scale network monitoring thermal imaging system, and developed its first thermal image monitoring APP;

FOTRIC developed its advanced professional thermal imager based on Android smartphone;


FOTRIC launched an intelligent fire-detect thermal camera, which can independently complete the analysis of fire alarm and link them to the fire system;

FOTRIC 220 series was greatly praised by users, winning the first of the thermography image competition in the electric category of the American IR/IFNO 2018;


based on internet cloud thermal camera, the Fotric 123 was released at CES in the USA. And it provided the simplest user operations as the Internet cloud-based thermal camera.

FOTRIC launched the new Cloud-Based Thermal Imager, named“Fotric X Series." it has created a very innovative portable intelligent thermal imager category.


FOTRIC X has been awarded as the winner for 2019 iF Awards.

Global Offices

FOTRIC has its headquarter in Shanghai, China, along with Beijing, Wuxi, Ji'nan and Xi'an for branches. FOTRIC have developed distributors in more than 10 countries and regions, such as South America, UK, Europe, South Korea, India, Singapore, and Australia, for a sound sales channel and technical support network to serve global customers. In January 2015, the company was officially listed on the new third board (stock code: 831598) and became a public company with a standardized operation.

Enterprise culture

  • The Mission

    Improve efficiency and ensure safety

  • The Vision

    Open up the thermal world for 123,456,789 people

  • The Values

    Innovation, extraordinary and integrity

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