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Fotric 123 Cloud-Based Thermal Camera Hits Kickstarter



Fotric 123 Cloud-Based Thermal Camera Hits Kickstarter

2016/11 18:46

Smart infrared thermal camera for visual early fire detection

Can you imagine a fire alarm that can alert you far before a destructive fire actually breaks out? Can you imagine a monitored system that can detect a fire hazard, in spite of smoke and fog, alerting you visually even at night? Imagine that an advanced technology which records real-time video of a monitored area around fire risk and transmits it to you via smartphone, anytime and anywhere? Recently, a cloud-based smart infrared thermal camera, Fotric 123, brings all of those possibilities into reality. This visual early fire-detection product was taken to Kickstarter this week to raise $10,000 over the next 60 days to go into production.


In the United States, 1 million to 1.5 million fires occur each year, which cause over 100,000 casualties, and cause huge losses of up to $12 billion. Fires occur every 25 seconds on average. In the last 50 years, fire alert technology has improved mainly for smoke detectors and traditional fire alarms that distinguish smoke and are triggered by fire. In fact, it is often already too late when the alert occurs. In other words, we are still not able to prevent a disaster before a fire hazard occurs.


Fotric123, developed by Fotric Precision Instruments, has solved this problem. Fotric 123 begins by measuring surface temperature directly in the monitored area, and once the temperature surpasses a setup parameter or an abnormal change in temperature occurs, the device will trigger an alarm—an early fire alert. There is no longer a need to trigger the alarm when open flames break out. Preventive technology will provide a big boost to progress and renewal in fire prevention field.


Fotric123’s innovation goes beyond this. With the help of intelligent algorithms, users can power the device on when connected to the Internet, by downloading the app and scan the device to start. Protecting your home or business from a disaster is as easy as 1-2-3.


When a fire alarm is triggered, Fotric123 will send an alarm video to the user’s smartphone. Then the user can view the thermal video of what is occurring in the monitored area in real-time. Users determine whether to take an action.