Achieving Intelligent Thermagraphic Monitoring System

  • Automatically Lock Face

  • Intelligent Algorithm

  • Automatically Creates Test Statistics

  • Automatic Temperature Alarm

  • Automatically Snap Shot

  • References


Automatically Lock Face Temperature

Prevent False Alarms

The FOTRIC 226B operates AI face detection module, automatically locking each individual face for temperature measurement, intelligently shielding high-temperature sources from other faces in the scene.




Intelligent Temperature Calibration Algorithm

Prevent False Negatives

WLIR has a built-in body temperature calibration algorithm, which automatically collects face temperature in different scenarios for self-learning, and adjusts the body temperature alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes, preventing people who report abnormal body temperature due to morning or night temperature differences.



Automatically Creates Test Statistics

For Epidemic Prevention and Control

During the test process, Fotric 226B can automatically count the number of personnel and the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms for epidemic prevention and control.



Automatic Temperature Alarm

For A Rapid On-Site Identification

When an abnormal temperature of a person is detected, Fotric 226B will automatically emit an alert, and the facial recognition frame will be immediately displayed in red accordingly for a rapid on-site identification.



Automatically Snap Shot for Abnormal Body Temperature

For Further Statistics and Analysis

When the alarm is triggered by an abnormal body temperature, Fotric 226B will automatically capture the photo of the detected person for further statistics and analysis.


1、Fotric 226B hardware installation:
2、Fotric WLIR software installation on Windows 10:
3、Fotric WLIR software installation on Windows 7:
4、Fotric WLIR software and camera set up and configuration: