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Application Of FOTRIC Thermal Camera In Factory Power Distribution And Motor Maintenance


Causes Of Demand For Thermal Camers In Power Industry

As the distribution and substation system is used, the system loads and system failure will increase continuously because of internal and external faults.

The external failure mainly includes the heating out of the increase of contact resistance caused by oxidation and looseness of electric switch contact of equipment, cable, busbar joint, which is featured by high heating on the external surface and is easy to find through measuring the surface temperature. The internal failure mainly includes the increase of medium loss and electrical circuit failure in housing caused by equipment insulation ageing, which is featured by low heating on the external surface, hidden and difficult to find.

According to years of operation statistics and experience, the percentage of external failures to total failures is approximate 90% and the percentage of internal failures to total failures is approximately 10%. External failures in distribution and substation system can be found easily with the infrared thermal imager and by measuring surface temperature, and internal failures can also be found promptly by tracking, analysis and comparison, which are crucial to preventing the occurrence of accidents.

This article aims to explain that infrared thermal imager is indispensable to distribution equipment detection for maintenance personnel, property management, and even predictive maintenance, by revealing the application of FOTRIC thermal imager in factory  power distribution and motor maintenance.


Case Study

A Japanese paint company, as the largest one in Asian-Pacific region, has four factories in China. Its China headquarter&Shanghai factory is located in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, covers an area of about 70,000 m2, and consists of several large-scale factory buildings and two office and R&D buildings. The Infrastructure Section is responsible for repair and maintenance of power distribution, power, and HVAC facilities of the whole factory. The bird’s eye view of the Company’s Shanghai factory is shown as follows:


What Problems Need To Be Solved By Customers?

The department has annual KPI evaluation for unplanned equipment failure because the unexpected power outage/shutdown may affect product quality or interrupt the production, therefore causing significant economic loss. However, the department staffing is fixed. Therefore, it is necessary to find the hidden failures by effective technological means and make a reasonable maintenance plan.


Current Solutions And Their Disadvantages

The main current solutions are:

As the main temperature measuring equipment, the infrared thermometer is easy to use, but has obvious disadvantages, i.e., single-point temperature measuring only; and because of the limited human resources, the infrared thermometer is suitable only for sample testing and is not applicable to comprehensive equipment management. The temperature data is not recorded in general (manual recording is human resource consuming), so the data concerning equipment working conditions cannot be collected and the forward-looking preventive measures cannot be taken.


How To Help Customers Solve The Problems By The Use Of FOTRIC Product And Its Advantages

High operation efficiency: FOTRIC thermal camera adopts surface temperature measurement imaging technology and can obtain the temperature distribution of the entire equipment, with high operating efficiency and no detection blind spots.

Remote cooperation: After the inspector finds a difficult problem in the large area factory with a thermal imager, the thermal image(s) can be sent to the engineer or leader in charge for support via internet or smartphone data at thermal imager terminal, thus improving the operation efficiency.

Automatic thermal image naming: Currently each of the equipment in the factory has an equipment code. It is required only to set equipment code as QR code, so that FOTRIC thermal camera can name the thermal image generated automatically, thus no need to write down equipment number and picture number with paper and pen, and facilitate future summarization of data.

Upgrade cloud services subsequently for data cloud storage and management, and improve level of thermal inspection management.


Configuratio Package

FOTRIC 220 series thermal camera configured with L91 ultra-wide angle lens and 30 Fotric 443 thermal image observation windows to reconstruct the electric cabinet of plant distribution room.


Which Customers Need To Solve Such Problem?

  • Equipment maintenance department of manufacturing plant
  • Property management and logistics department of government departments, colleges and universities, shopping malls, hotels, buildings and ports
  • Testing/inspection service company



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